HF x100 Let's money back* if you don't like the server


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Let's money back* if you don't like the server

Sometimes it happens that the Coins are returned. No force majeure is needed to get a refund. Don't like the server? Did your little brother buy your Coins without asking? Here's how you can take part in our new High Five x100 promotion «Money back* if you don't like the server».

The promotion will be active from April 1st to April 30th for users who have purchased Gold Coins on High Five x100.

I changed my mind to play! How do I get my money back?

It's super easy! Send a free form email to refunds@scryde.ru from your email, specifying the game accounts and nicknames you purchased the Coins. Make sure you attach screenshots of any charges, for example, from Mobile Banking and the refunding details (they have to be the same as the ones used to pay for the Coins). And expect the following action.

Here are the conditions:
  • Your account is not currently blocked
  • You have not had any serious infringements on our other servers (RMT, bot farming, etc.)
  • It has not been 72 hours since you created your first character on any account on High Five x100
  • Payment has been made via UnitPay, CentApp or PayPal
  • The minimum refund amount is 300 Coins. The maximum is 5000 Coins. You may only receive 1 refund.
How are refunds made?

We will refund your donation for unspent purchased Gold Coins back to the same account within 3 business days after we receiving your confirmation email.

Which Coins are not refundable?

Any other Coins received by means other than purchase with UnitPay, CentApp, and PayPal. For example, the Coins from the daily gift, payment bonuses, etc.

For instance, you have 2500 Coins left in your inventory for 56 hours of play. And you bought 5000 at the start (+900 were received as a bonus), but partly spent on the PA and services, bought something on the market, or lent a friend. Out of these 2500 coins: 10 were received from the daily gift, and 900 bonus coins were added to my payment. Therefore, you will receive 1590 Coins, or 1749 roubles, as a refund. This amount will be refunded to your card.

Your accounts will not be blocked. We account only unspent Gold Coins (do not take into account things on the character or active services). Coins received from other characters as gifts or trades can't be compensated.

This does not constitute a public offer. We can refuse a refund without explanation, but we will only do so for abusive promotions or serious infringements. The terms and conditions are subject to change.

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