Running Lineage 2 on Mac OS

Running Lineage 2 on Mac OS

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Scryde on Mac OS​

Do you use Mac OS but want to play Lineage 2? – no problem. Although Lineage 2 is a Windows-only game, there is a way out for Mac OS users. We present to your attention detailed instructions for running Scryde servers on Mac OS. You will need to download Windows, so make sure that all conditions are met.


To install Windows 10 on a Mac, you must have:
  • MacBook released in 2015 or later
  • MacBook Air 2012 or later
  • MacBook Pro 2012 or later
  • Mac mini released in 2012 or later
  • iMac released in 2012 or later
  • iMac Pro (all models)
  • Mac Pro released in 2013 or later
:e29aa0-2x: Attention! The game will not launch if you have a Mac on an ARM processor.

Installation instructions​

  1. First of all, you need to download the Windows distribution kit – this can be downloaded both through the official Microsoft website and through any publicly available methods.
  2. After loading Windows, we need to set up Boot Camp (a standard Mac OS utility). We find the utility through the search.
  3. After launching the utility, click «Continue» and specify the path to the downloaded ISO image of Windows (if it was not detected automatically for you) and select the amount of space that will be allocated for a separate disk (for installation, you need to allocate at least 150Gb, and preferably more) and click the «Install» button. After all the necessary files have been downloaded, you will need to enter the password for the administrator account, after which a computer reboot will occur.
  4. After downloading, the actual Windows installation process will begin. Select the language, operating system version (if there is a choice), accept the user agreement, and select the partition that Mac OS calls Boot Camp. After clicking on the «Next» button, copying files, installing components and updates will begin. After the files have finished downloading. the computer will restart again.
  5. After restarting, you will be prompted to make detailed settings: it is best to make a «custom» setting. To do this, click the «Settings» button and turn off absolutely all options. After that, we will only have to enter the username and password and wait for the final settings.
  6. When you are on the desktop, a window will appear. click the «Install» button, after which, there will be another reboot.
  7. Now you need to connect to WI-FI and make the final touches of the settings: Run Apple Software Update and select all updates, after which you need to restart the computer. Now, all you have to do is download and run Lineage. Detailed instructions for downloading and running Scryde...

How to switch between Mac OS and Windows?​

it is very easy to switch from Windows to Mac OS:
  • In the tray (Notification area) click on the Boot Camp icon and click restart in OS X:
from Mac OS on Windows:
  • Open System Preferences from the Apple menu → Boot Volume → click on the padlock and enter the admin password → select the system and click restart:

Faster way​

When restarting or turning on the computer, simply hold down the «Option» button on keyboard. At startup, a boot menu will appear, where you can select the OS. By default, the power button will start Mac OS as before.